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the oath


"By accepting this book, you do solemnly swear that it will go wheresoever you go untill read, that when finished it will not languish under your bed, be fed to your goat or otherwise disappear into the vast unknown spaces and/or clutter of your bookcase; that once read you will give it to a friend, a fellow traveller or a complete stranger (but never the aforementioned goat) and that if you are Reader #10 you also do solemnly swear to return this book to Susannah Cord, to be retired to The Travelling Book Sanctuary where it may rest on its laurels while giving up some, if not all, of its secrets."



(No mention of So Help Me God, because everyone knows if you don't do right by a travelling book, not even God will help you. Because God is a bookworm, too.)


Furthermore! In your travelling book you will find these instructions:


This book was deemed imperfect through (reason will be inserted), so fear not, Dear Reader! It may be bruised, bumped, torn, rubbed, shuffled around your backpack with a melting bar of chocolate and a granola bar and no one will judge you (nor, perhaps, thank you) are encouraged to highlight, underline, comment and doodle at will throughout.

Please do take photos of where you and this book rendezvous and share with us on Facebook and Twitter.

Remember to include book number when sharing!


You will also find a form with space for ten names to be signed before passing the book on.

That's it! EasyPeasy...

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