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Last seen: February 2015. Hitchhiking a ride to the West Coast to bum a ride out of California, aiming for Beechworth, Australia. From there? Well now, that remains to be seen...

Coming Soon! (As in just as soon as we can figure it out) - The Interactive World Map!!


In the meantime, we shall just have to make do with the oldfashioned style. You know - writing about it. I know - SO old school....


Where in the World is Travelling Book...




#2 & #3

Last seen: February 2015. Travelling Books #2 and #3 packed their down jackets, woolly underwear, tiedyes and prayer beads and skipped off hand in hand to board a transatlantic steamer bound for the frigid waters of Denmark. Rumor has it they are trying to make it in time for a rendezvous with a madhat old adventurer headed to the exotic wilds of India for a motorcycle tour on ye old Enfield . Should they miss the rendezvous, I shouldn't worry. Denmark is lovely in the spring and untill then, I have it on good authority the Danes have creative ways of staying warm and having fun. It's called sledding with Schnapps.


#4 & #5

Last seen: February 2015. Travelling Books #4 and #5, inspired but confused and undecided by the bold choices of #1, #2 and #3, boarded the same steamer as #2 and #3, I can tell you it was last minute and a nailbiter, a madcap affair, but they tore up the gangway just as the whistle blew and waved wildly farewell. I just received a telegram stating that they have befriended an Aussie sheep farmer bound for Paris and are considering taking him up on the offer of a glowing referral to a few of his friends. At least, that is what I gathered from this:


All aboard. Stop. Sheep farmer go Paris. Stop. Big like. Stop. Maybe go Oz. Stop. Friends with sheep. Stop. All good. Stop. Send money. Stop. Tally-ho! Stop.



Last seen: February 2015. A romantic and dreamy sort, #6 shouldered a backpack and an old battered copy of Wuthering Heights, and declared that catching a Greyhound bus to North Carolina to hike in the Blue Ridge Mountains was just the ticket. That's all I know. We shall await news with baited breath....

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