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Each Wind That Blows


Have book, will travel? Want to be part of something fun, feel generous? Want a two for one deal? Buy a book, get and give a travelling book and then receive updates on it's journey and check back on it here to see where it has been and where it might go. Click on the link below to purchase your own copy of Each Wind That Blows using the code TBS and receive a ten percent discount on your copy plus one  free - a book to give away and watch it travel, perhaps in ways no one ever expected!


Please note, the books given away as Travelling Books may have some very minor imperfections, but never any that will affect the reading experience.

Become a part of the Travelling Book adventure!

 are you prepared to take The Travelling Book Society Oath!?

Found on the inside cover of every travelling book, the oath asks you to solemnly

(no giggling allowed or you will be fed to the lions at sun-up) swear to carry this book with you whether you travel from kitchen to couch or Australia to Antarctica, to not feed it to your goat and to ultimately, pass it on. Unless you are reader #10 who then also swears to send the book view in full, click here - The Oath.




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